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Sports Watch-a Good Helper in Exercise

Friday, September 10th, 2010

If you are a sports buff, swimmers, backpackers, climbers, divers, runners, mountain bikers, snowboarders or whatever, you must have one or more sports watches which are particularly designed and made for your special needs while excising. However, there are so many sports watches, all different from exterior looks to functions that you may find yourself lost while trying to pick out one that most suits you.

Sports watches have some special functions to stand up to extreme conditions and in the meanwhile are very cool. I’ll introduce several sports watches, which hopefully will serve as a guide for you.

This watch is specially made for runners, geared with wrist-style heart rate monitor and stopwatch in black. Its OwnCal feature shows your energy expenditure during one exercise session and accumulated expenditure. It also has dual time zone, and water resistance to 50 meters. It looks just cool!

This sports watch is suitable various exercises. It has professional-caliber heart rate monitor watch in black color and can display current heart rate, average heart rate and calories burned while you are exercising. Its special training effect function can measure how hard your body is working. Whether you are biking, running, diving or climbing, it can best tell your physical conditions and thus make you able to adjust your efforts.

This uniquely-designed watch is especially for running, rollerblading or skiing and is easy to use. With its straps it rests comfortably on your upper arm. Besides regular watch functions, it’s also equipped with satellite technology to measure and display distance, speed, pace and calories burned and other such parameters to show how well your body functions.

With the development of technology, sports watches will have more precise and more measurements concerning your physical conditions and exercise intensity. A good sports watch, apart from its cool looks, can also tell you how your body works and thus serve as a guide to help you adjust most timely your exercise intensity.

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