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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing High-heeled Shoes

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

As a saying goes, “Shoes are on your feet, and only you yourself can know whether they are comfortable or not.” As for high-heeled shoes, it is far from easy to take into account both aesthetics and comfort. Indeed, wearing high heels is not as comfortable as flat shoes. One of the greatest designers in fashion circle Tom Ford once said “women who do not wear high-heeled shoes are far from sexy”. In the first place, high-heeled shoes bring in a sense of superiority for women.


To keep balance, women have to slow down and walk carefully, which helps them shape an elegant walking posture. In the second place, wearing high-heeled shoes can form a fit body figure. As the shank looks slimmer, women appear to be more slender. At last, in stead of low-heeled shoes, the high ones have a favorable effect on protecting and maintaining the arches. It meets the physiology requirement if a young lady wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes. But it will be much better if you choose the right shoes. The best time to choose high-heeled shoes is from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Having worked for almost a whole day, your feet must be slightly swelling. At this time, if wearing high-heeled shoes does not make you feel awful, let alone other flat ones. Stand is the right posture for trying on shoes. Your feet will be a little bit bigger when you stand up. Instead of appreciating your pretty appearance in the mirror, you’d better walk around for a few steps in order to feel the comfortableness and the size of the shoes, About 2/3 of people have asymmetry feet, which means one foot is not the same with the other in size. When trying one shoes, you should use your bigger foot. However, not all shoes are the same in size. Thus you should buy shoes by yourself instead of buying on behalf of the trustee. In fact, high-heeled shoes have no bad on health if they are no more than one and a half inch high. Avoid wearing sharp point shoes. Also, let your feet relax by changing the high-heeled shoes to the low ones on informal occasions. Pay attention to all the tips above and enjoy being an elegant lady with your beloved shoes! The thickness of the heel should be proportional to the body and leg. Fat women should not choose thin heel, while slim ones should not choose thick heel. Otherwise, it will be inharmonious. Last but not least, you should be strict with the material. The comfortableness and endurance of high-heeled shoes depend not only on reasonable design, but also on qualified material. Only those genuine leather shoes could caress your feet well. Wearing high-heeled shoes makes a woman more feminine. As Tom Ford says, “How could a woman be sexy if she does not wear high-heeled shoes?”

I Am Crazy For Hign Heels

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

High-heeled shoes are every woman’s necessary collocation. While high-heeled shoes have many different styles, such as stiletto heels and Wide-heeled shoes. High-heeled shoes can not only  increase your height but also improve your allure. Wearing the high-heeled shoes, women will feel more confident. As a result, almost every woman likes the high-heeled shoes, and so do I. There are several types of high-heeled shoes that attract my eyes.

T-Strap Sandal

No matter you are fat or thin, T-Strap Sandal can fit you. In additon, the design of letter T can make your feet look thin, which is a perfect match for a dress. Besides, if you paint your toenails, you will look more beautiful.


Wedges give people young and fashionable feeling. The style of this shoe is more relaxed and casual. It would be better to match a bohemian dress, blouse and hot pants. It looks so cool and Individual.

Black paint high heels
Black paint high heels could match with any other fashion item, so several famous stars in Europe always wear this kind of shoes. While, in most cases, we can see the red paint high heels at parties, because the bright-colour attract our eyes mostly.

belt-winding high heels

If you have a slender legs, then you can not refuse those belt-winding design. The belt wraped your crural skin, but at the same time it left some portion to show your beautiful leg. Besides, it would be better to wear a simple short clothing, so as to let people focus on your leg.

A pair of beautiful high-heeled shoes, can build different styles for a lady. On one hand, a pair of T-Strap sandal and black paint high heels make you look elegant and enchanting. On the other hand, the wedges and belt-winding high heels make you look more fashionable and charming. So I like wearing high heels very much.