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Mash-up Is Hot in the West

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

The fashionable mash-up is hot these days in the west. As the aggregation of the most fashionable trend, the mash-up style becomes a Popular Culture in the west. You can find the street culture flood in the cities, the mash-up can be seen everywhere, and the street pioneers are in high streets and back lanes. Then, let’s have a skim through the mashupism in the west. You can not miss!

Pairs, the City of Romance, is the heart of the fashion world, with the most excellent design, the most brilliant stylist and the most gorgeous makeup and image artist in the world, Paris is worthy of the name of the City of Fashion. Retro-style becomes the main trend in Paris this season. With the Retro-aroma in the 18th century, the bronzed accessories, the worn-colored jeans, the Retro-washing-color become the favorite of the mash-up lover. The Retro-style is perfectly combined with the mash-up style; the combination slightly exudes a unique temperament-graceful but not luxurious, elegant but not proud-release a glimmer of nameless rapport. Thus it can interpret your personality in a simple but noble way.

Mash-up Is Hot in the West

The Edenbo will give you the most fashionable but also the most conservative style, the hottest trend, the mash-up style with a glimmer of the decadence and a dust of rock and roll. From the mini-skirt to the swing-skirt, from the Punk to the western story, with the countless creative moment in the history of the fashion, the Edenbo is the symbol of the fashion trend. “The tradition and the treason” is the core spirit of the Edenbo, and it can bring its infinite glamour to every corner of the world. Every stylista deserves to have a unique Edenbo. When the Gossip Girl is hot, more and more people focus the fashion style to American m ash-up style which is variety and full of freedom and creativity. The combination of the dress and the mini-suit is the most stylistic attire this season. The dress with replica handbags can show off the hot figure of woman while the mini-suit can add some handsome temperament. And the combination of the black and multicolor is the main trend. Simone Harouche, one of the most famous stylists in Hollywood, works for Nicole Richie, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez and some other major suits. She holds that the black is the classics forever, and everyone loves black. But if you want to be standout among the stars, you should add some color to your attire. The last, the combination of dots and checks is hot again. We all remember that the Hollywood movie queen Julia Roberts’ attire in Pretty Woman. It was the combination of the traditional suit with checks and the dress with cute dots, and this attire becomes a stylistic trend for a long time. When the mash-up style is just like a hurricane that sweeps the west, if you are the wave rider of the fashion, you can have a try.