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Take Elegant Dress – Top 10 Fashion Mistakes

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Well, beauty and style is not about how much money you’ve thrown away for purchasing your outfits. Lots of people tend to overestimate their matching skills. Although I am not one of the stylists, I guess they may gain lots of fun just walking on the street, thinking how stupidly people dress themselves. A Bulgarian online store shopping therapy has offered a list of the top 10 mistakes we often make when matching our lovely outfits. It’s not about fashion or brand clothes, but taste and style, and how to wear and pair the items properly:


1. Too much jewelry:
Try to make the number of pieces not more than three. Pick just one or two matching pieces to look classy and make a statement.
2. Used up heels:
Perfection is about details. Others won’t be happy hearing the annoying noise they make, which would also suggest your carelessness.
3. Too much flesh:
Saving too much from the fabric of your clothes can lead to two results – making you sexy, or screw you up. Do not make yourself look cheap or get a “muffin top”.
4. Wrong matching of patterns:
Yes, it is considered trendy, but it can be a tough job. You may end up looking overdressed. It’ll seem to others that you’ve just come back from a carnival. Pair patterned top with one-color bottom apparel, or the other way around.
5. Sneakers or flats all the time:
It’s perfect to free your feet sometimes. But avoid wearing sneakers or flats with all kind of outfits. You’re not likely to become a stunner not in high heels.
6. Dark hair roots:
The blonde hair and dark roots on the heads of celebrities is not a result of negligence but work by stylists. While usually in real life, dark roots only means being careless to the way you look.
7. Orange complexion:
Be careful with the cheap tanning lotions, which may destroy everything. Too much tanning in salons is not a good idea either – fake tanning can be dangerous, or make you look like you’ve tried too damn hard.
8. Flaunting brands and labels:
All those little tricks of revealing the logos can’t get you anywhere better. And head to toes brand names ensure you chic style.
9. Sticking out bra shoulder-straps:
They simply look unpleasant. If there’s no way to hide them under the top or dress, at least make sure they are the same color. Besides, showing parts of your bottom underwear never looks good, no matter how much it costs.
10. Blindly following trends:
Without a slim and beautiful waist, you’d better forget the crop tops, even if they are super trendy at the moment. There’s some to seize and some to let go. And models become models for reasons. So suitable is the best!

When I touch it with my hand, I feel unexpected because I have never thought that it will have such a high quality. Fine workmanship is beyond all doubts, as you can never find any ends of thread or other flaws.

The wonderful design and excellent quality are successful. It is so arresting that I can’t help choosing it. I believe it is classic and valuable.

The Renaissance of the Wedding

Friday, November 5th, 2010

What I am in now is distributed recently this year, a sort of classic wedding dress full of charm and noble quality, integrating the European retro-feeling with the romantic, luxurious style of the whole. Are you getting married soon but still looking for a perfect wedding dress to match your quality and personality? Or are you looking for a right wedding dress for your best friend? wedding-dress-777.jpg

Now please have a look at this classic white and strapless wedding fashion dress with ball gown silhouette. You are going to love it. The charming and delicate design on chest line, in line with gorgeous embroidery and beading, presenting eye-catching light exudes just the amazing.

Coupled with the thick texture of ivory suture and white satin embroidered, in the winter, you must be the most beautiful bride. Smooth texture of the fold falls down straightly from the waist, with a texture of thick sati. This one brings a piece of sunlight in winter. Retro silver embroidery decorated with pearls, is full of classical Rococo charm. Tailing and the chest is designed to render the luxurious elegance of the bride’s taste. Beaded luxury complex flows towards the gentle tail. Thick satin gently winds forward, featuring tremendous fragrance in overall room. Well, it shows a picture in one’s mind where he’s quietly waiting to hold up my hands, to bring genuine love for life. I love this dress and Ed Hardy Dresses! It is very comfortable when I am wearing it. I like the embroidery detailing very much! The first half of the dress is decorated with chic embroidery. I have to say something about it. The white lace leads details in a perfect wedding to be fine. Shoulder lace echoes the clever design of the waist and hem, full of luxurious romantic memory of the royal family. The slight design on the surface highlights the concavity of my collarbone, bustling among the implicit sexy. Veil, thick satin, lace, carries a girl’s dream of the perfect time and accompanies them to wait for the arrival of love. Superior texture of satin fabric with white lace resembles the light mesh of an angel. And through the delicate sewing technology, it has been exquisitely transformed into smooth lines, with the perfect combination of style. Standing in line with contemporary design, it cleverly converted barriers of time and space, reinterpreting the image of pure bride, and eventually displayed a magnificent neo-classical poetry and romantic fashion. There’re characteristics of the spirit equipped with light wings. Classic lace simply designed and wrapped with a sense of royal tastes, shaped an elegant bride queen. Gorgeous! It was the word that my friends shouted at me when they saw me on this dress. They were surprised to see the stunning effects of this dress. When I bought it, I knew they would love it!