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White and Black Handbags — Most Popular Handbags in Europe

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

As two classical colors come to the fashion field, a great fashion appears in front of people’s eyes. As all fashionable folks know, the monochrome is the essential and primary color. As an old saying goes: all complicated substances are doomed to return to nature, so the white and black is the eternal classic.

The most popular wallet or handbag in Europe is exclusively the composition of white and black this summer. Simplification is the best policy. The black and white is the well-known real trend in the fashion field. Monochrome is one of the simplest, most chic appearance no matter what the year is. Monochrome never fails to catch attentions.

It is not a hard thing to find that the white and black is a common visitor on all kinds of occasions, film awarding ceremonies, fashionable shows, publicities, ordinary streets and so on. Life is just like a black and white photograph, there is black, there is white, and there are lots of shades between them. I believe that the unique trait is a critical reason why everyone loves white and black in Europe.

However, only white or black is not capable to erect the fashion power, the proper composition of white and black hits the right spot. Using white only is too drab, however, putting both together is just like the black and white keys on piano, and like playing a moving variation. The fusion of white and black gives people a pretty clean and simple feeling, which is able to refresh people’s mind and arouse people’s aspiration.

In the Europeans mind, it is the best interest to think black with white, alternating all black or all black wallets with the opposite contrasting accessories — white diamond ornaments. Accessories can be keys to get all things look so easily.