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Bell & Ross replica Wearing quality at a bargain

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Let’s talk about Bell & Ross replica watches; highlighting the tweaks that make the average Joe save up and spend it all on a tiny timepiece.

Why would I spend about $100 on a timepiece alone? The reasons are pretty many; first things first, I am looking for a watch that will sure get someone noticing once I flash it. So how about I throw away the ordinary round shape and pick something unique like a square bezel. On this square I can add in a circle detail around the dial so I have two shapes in one.

That settled, now let me do away with a tachymeter on my Bell & Ross replica and go with something not seen before like screw-like details at the four corners of the square shape. Next I need a color for the dial and bezel that will attract as many eyes. Weighing the options, I think my Bell & Ross replica would be perfect with a black and rose gold hue. The rose gold is for the bezel and case as the dial takes on the black color.

Let me not have a lot of details on the dial but a thin shaped ticker and the hours and minute hands taking on a spear like shape. I only have the four primary numbers (12, 3, 6 and 9) engraved on the dial while the rest come as bar markings. Just to tease a little I can sprinkle a bit of the rose gold on a few of the bar marks to add more tweak.

For such a high profile case I will go with pure leather straps to complete the executive look. The rest is just for durability; my Bell & Ross replica watch boasts of a sapphire crystal glass which is scratch proof. Add water resistance of 100m and a 440 high grade stainless steel and my Bell & Ross replica is good to go.